jAndr is a family of musicians and artists from central and Eastern North Carolina. jAndr_music is the brainchild of bassist Matt Grady and keyboardist Santel Reid. The Indy/Soul band has performed at some of the hottest festivals in NC including Shakori Hills and We the Roses. They have also collaborated with artists such as Aarik Duncan of NiiTO, Donnie Deneil from Duck, and the internationally known MC Tanajah.



Também is a woman-led quartet based in Durham, NC that explores the intersection of Brazilian and American music through a wide range of rhythms and textures. The brain child of pianist Ingrid Nora Knight, the quartet features Uruguayan drummer Gastón Reggio, flutist Rebecca Kleinmann, and bassist Andy Powell.

Characterized by rhythmic play, improvisation, and thoughtful lyricism, Também’s music includes elements of jazz, samba, and R&B. They released their debut album entitled “Esmeralda” last October and released their sophomore album “Echo”, a project funded by the Durham Arts Council, last November


Lake Chamberlain

Born in the basements of downtown Raleigh back in the Halcyon days of 2017, Lake Chamberlain is a four-piece Jam/Rock/Funk band that just wants you to dance. Each member brings their own honed musical voice and style to the game, giving Lake Chamberlain a unique and unforgettable sound that sticks with you. 


Blake Hornsby Trio

Blake Hornsby is an experimental folk musician based out of Western North Carolina.

“From sitar ragas to swirling sound collages and solo guitar meditations… You will never be bored.” – Record Crates United


Ari Pappalardo

Pappalardo is Raleigh Born singer/songwriter. Few artists of the south bring such a fierce Rock n roll nature to everything they touch. Indy rock foundations, give way to hard edged hooks. Gritty lead vocals pierce the air waves when his music is played on local college radio (WKNC 88.1 and THE HILL 97.9) When it comes to chaotic energy meeting finessed lyrical shapes, accept no substitutes. Though tinges of jazz and electronic influences color his work, the embers of well-aged, Rock music smolder and spark through Pappalardo’s pop laced compositions. Writing since he was 16, he identifies wholeheartedly as a writer. Ari is the real deal as far as local performing artists go. He gets his sound from an eclectic mix of rock, pop, and jazz music. Tales of unrequited love, voodoo, and ghosting fill his song books. His hope is that showing vulnerability in his words, that the listener will be able to relate to the situations involved.


Alex Weiss & Steve Fishman

Old timey music with contemporary social commentary and more…

Michael Wayne Bradshaw Jr.

“Cosmic Mike” can be found performing solo or with his band of “Psychedelhicks” anywhere from back yards to motorcycle clubs at a moments notice. He’s a yallternative hippy punk playing live. Behind the scenes he’s a multi-genre songwriter and composer who has scored a few short films.



Our scene will always need mad scientists like Symetrex, one of those guys who spends countless hours digging for new and better sounds. These efforts consistently yield a unique amalgamation of tribal rhythms, lush atmospheres, and constant low end pressure.

Like any good scientist, Symetrex is equally aware of the intricacies of the musical process and the necessity to disregard them as boundaries. Following these guidelines (or lack thereof) for more than nineteen years landed him a dj residency at Threshold and Dubbage, two of the longest running jungle and dubstep shows in Connecticut. There, the crowd’s response pushed him to delve deeper into crafting his own tracks, and to further sharpen his skills as a dj. In 2017 he pulled up his roots and headed down to North Carolina where he later linked up with Down Deep Productions, all the while still pushing those unique sounds.

As a artist’s work is never done, these days you’ll find Symetrex still digging, still experimenting, and still searching for progressive combinations of dubstep, drum and bass, trap, garage and god knows what else to devise a rare and entrancing sonic journey.



Snack, also known as Chris O, began his journey in the club scene in 1993 at the age of 17, immersing himself in underground EDM. His passion led him to the UK in 1997, where he delved into hard dance and UK hard house. Returning to the States in 1998, he became a prominent figure in the underground EDM scene, co-founding Sonic Boom and establishing himself as a leading DJ in the region.

Throughout his nearly 30-year career, Snack has shared the stage with renowned artists and played at various venues across NC, TN, and VA. In the mid to late 2000s, he was actively involved in promoting EDM through events and artist management. After a hiatus to focus on family and career, Snack returned to the scene in 2020, this time with a focus on drum and bass, a genre that inspired him initially.

Today, Snack showcases a diverse range of dnb styles influenced by his techno roots, continuing to refine his skills and contribute to the EDM community as a DJ and music enthusiast.



MisChief is lover of music. Her high-energy sets are sure to make her a favorite of tech house and electro house fans. Dropping beats since 2007 she’s coming back into the scene after starting a family and loving every second of it. Her new mixes are characterized by their catchy melodies, playful vocals, and driving beats, and are sure to get you moving on the dancefloor.



Set is a seasoned DJ with almost two decades of experience, pushes the boundaries of goa trance, crafting ethereal, captivating, and occasionally primal musical experiences that captivate audiences.

Cosmic Mike & Cyberflow

Life long best friends tag team.


Mombi Yuleman

Mombi Yuleman originally started out as a soundtrack and dark ambient producer but now takes those elements and has applied it to his own brand of psychedelic trance. He has a wide and varied spectrum of sounds ranging from deep atmospheric Psychill to Dark Progressive. From there he ventures further into the night with faster, darker and more aggressive Twilight and Dark Psytrance with stirring mood driven textures. Mombi often likes to merge the cinematic with the psychedelic to create whole new worlds for those tuned in and tapped into the trance dance.



“With so many ways to communicate at our disposal, we must not forget the transformative power of a live music experience and genuine human exchange.” – Jon Batiste