So Much and Beyond

To effect change, we want to go So Much Further. We are looking to start a non-profit initiative to help disenfranchised individuals have a safe space to gather, eat, live and be introduced back into society as spiritual fulfilled and engaging members of the community. You can help us! 

  > First and foremost, we want to hear about you.

  > Secondly, why is this important to you?

  > Thirdly, what skills can you offer or what skills do you wish to learn to be able to help?

  > Fourth, how much free time can you dedicate to this project?

Finally, email us with responses to these talking points. We cant wait to hear from you! 



“We want to provide a safe and secure place for people to have a physical and spiritual nourishment and develop passion and skills to carry them back to society.” – Mehrdad Mojarrad


Positions Desired:

Social Media Manager, Community Outreach Organizer, Board Members, Advocacy Director, and Social Workers